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  • This Tiny, Adorable Killing Machine Is The World’s Deadliest Cat

    If you have a cat or have ever gotten sucked into cat videos on YouTube, then you know that beneath their fluffy exterior, often lies a heart of steel. It may come as no surprise, then, that a tiny, adorable wild cat is one of the world’s deadliest killers. Weighing about 3 to 4 points […] More

  • Battle of the Birds: Hawk Tries to Kill Cuckoo

    Well, this bird isn’t playing nice! A sparrowhawk was spotted trying to kill a Jacobin cuckoo in a standoff that seemed to last forever as the victim fought desperately for its life. While it may seem unusual to see birds fighting like this, this is pretty normal behavior for sparrowhawks. Larger species—like this black sparrowhawk […] More

  • This Talented Lyrebird Can Mimic Chainsaws and Car Alarms

    Forget peacocks. This Australian songbird may not have all the fancy colors, but it takes showing off for mates one step further. In addition to its striking plumage, which it fans out over its head and body during courtship displays, the lyrebird has the impressive ability to imitate almost any sound it hears. Typically these […] More

  • These Elephant-Sized Sloths Existed Before the Ice Age

    Most people have heard of woolly mammoths. But another group of giant animals called Megatherium once roamed the earth even before the Ice Age. Meet the giant ground sloth. Megatherium (which translates quite aptly to “great beast”) is one of the largest known land-based mammals, eclipsed only by mammoths and an ancient species of rhinoceros […] More

  • Giant Centipedes Take Down Prey 15 Times Their Size With Powerful Venom

    If insects terrify you, then a group of giant centipedes that can kill and eat prey 15 times their size may just be your worst nightmare. With their potent venom and abundance of legs, regular-sized centipedes are already pretty scary. But species from the genus Scolopendra are capable of reaching incredibly large sizes—and they’ve got […] More

  • Ancient Bear Stood Up to 11 Feet Tall and Weighed 3,500 Pounds

    Meet the giant short-faced bear, a massive beast that roamed North and South America and dominated all sorts of other large predators until it went extinct about 11,000 years ago. View post on Standing at 6 ft tall on all fours and weighing about 2,500 pounds, the short-faced bear was the largest carnivorous predator […] More

  • Macaque Monkeys Are Physically Capable of Speaking (Listen!)

    Some monkeys are actually physically capable of producing human speech. But their brains just aren’t wired to do so, according to research published in Science Advances. Researchers recorded X-ray of a long-tailed macaque’s vocal and facial movements as he made different sounds, like coos, grunts, yawns and lip smacks. Then, they used a computer model to simulate possible […] More

  • This Ancient Cat with “Steak-Knife Teeth” Walked Alongside Early Humans

    All sorts of strange giant predators roamed the Earth thousands of years ago during the Ice Age. But new research is changing what scientists thought they knew about one of those animals — a giant saber-toothed cat with long, serrated steak-knife teeth that may have existed alongside early modern humans. Homotherium — or the scimitar […] More

  • Why This Fish Has Been Called “The Meanest Thing In Creation”

    Instantly recognizable by the horrified, woeful expression on their upturned faces, stargazers are among the most fascinating (and frightening) fish in the ocean — capable of vacuuming up, electrocuting and delivering deadly venom to their enemies. The fish, named for the upward-facing eyes and gaping mouths located strategically at the top of their heads, are […] More

  • The Tragic State of the Largest Fish on Earth

    They are the largest fish on the planet, reaching more than 40 feet in length and weighing up to 47,000 pounds. But as intimidating as their size may seem, whale sharks are virtually harmless. Unlike other sharks, these beautiful, bus-sized behemoths don’t have an appetite for flesh. Instead, they feed on plankton, which they filter […] More

  • Largest Jaguars on Earth Thriving in This Tropical Wetland (Thanks, in Part, to Humans)

    Human activities have threatened jaguars for decades, drastically reducing their original habitat across every continent where the animals appear. But in one region of South America, human intervention may actually be helping to save the largest jaguar on the planet. Stretching through Brazil and parts of Paraguay and Bolivia, the Pantanal region is considered the […] More

  • Mother Honey Badger Fearlessly Defends Baby From Leopard

    If you know anything about honey badgers, you’ll know that they are absolutely fearless. These daring little creatures regularly go up against some of the most fearsome predators, including lions, wild dogs, hyenas and now, a leopard. In this video, a mother honey badger doesn’t hesitate to take on a hungry leopard when it goes […] More

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