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    Tsunamis and Rogue Waves: 5 of the Most Massive Waves in History

    A tsunami is a massive wave caused by an earthquake or other disturbance in the earth like the shifting of tectonic plates or volcanic activity. And while, on average, two tsunamis occur every year globally, only a few were massive enough to make this list.  (Most tsunamis actually measure under 3 feet tall.) From the […] More

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    Meet the Ghost Snake & More Recently Discovered Reptiles

    Reptiles have existed for over 300 million years, and are some of the most adaptable animals on the planet. Currently, 11,341 reptile species have been identified, and researchers are discovering new ones every single year. Join us as we show you the most recently discovered reptiles on planet earth — both living and extinct. Talamancan […] More

  • Wildlife Trafficking Bust: 109 Critically Endangered Sea Turtles Found Dead

    A bust at customs in China revealed more than 100 illegally trafficked endangered sea turtles. Police authorities seized 109 hawksbill turtle shells from poachers trying to smuggle them through customs in China. Unfortunately, it was too late for the turtles. Cotton was stuffed into shells where the heads should have been. The hawksbill sea turtle […] More

  • Jaguars Are Being Killed for Their Teeth in Bolivia

    There are only around 15,000 jaguars left in the wild; now, illegal demand for their teeth may decimate the remaining populations. This irreplaceable species is quickly approaching threatened status, and they currently have a lot going against them. While they still have habitat destruction to contend with, they now face a new threat — wildlife traffickers supplying the […] More

  • Newly Discovered Spider Named After Harry Potter’s ‘Sorting Hat’

    If you’re a fan of the “Wizarding World” that is Harry Potter,  this odd-looking spider might look familiar. Recently, scientists Javed Ahmed, Rajashree Khalap, and Sumukha J. N., noticed the uncanny resemblance between a newly discovered spider and the sorting hat from the Harry Potter series. These scientists found the similarity so striking that they named […] More

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    Deadliest Venomous & Poisonous Animals

    Some of the most deadly animals in the world pack a secret weapon: highly venomous fangs, teeth and stingers that can immobilize and kill attackers and prey. Not to be confused with poisonous animals (which deliver their toxins when touched or eaten), venomous animals actually inject toxic chemicals directly. Keep in mind that many factors […] More

  • Colossal Crustacean Has World’s Most Powerful Pinch

    The coconut crab’s pinch is said to be more powerful than even the strongest bite of any other animal, excluding the alligator. A study conducted in Okinawa, Japan revealed that the coconut crab’s pinch is the strongest of all the crustaceans. Based on the maximum weight for this species, the maximum pinching force was calculated to […] More

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    Sleeping Giants: Volcanoes on the Brink of Eruption

    Volcanoes are enormous masses of earth that allow gas, magma, and lava to escape the immense pressure from below. They both create and destroy earth, and are one of the most extraordinary spectacles on planet earth. Volcanoes are known as “sleeping giants” for good reason — they could erupt at any moment.  Here are the […] More

  • Tiny 4-Inch Pink Armadillo Weighs Less Than a Pound

    The pink fairy armadillo, or pichiciego, is not the imaginary cartoon creature its name suggests. This species is the smallest armadillo on planet earth, measuring around 3.5 – 4.5 inches long and weighing no more than a single pound. This tiny nocturnal mammal lives in the sands and sandy grasslands of central Argentina where it […] More

  • Chimp Cares for Disabled Newborn (First Ever Recorded Behavior)

    For the first time in history, a chimpanzee mother has been observed taking care of her severely disabled child. The chimpanzee infant, known as XT11, showed symptoms similar to down syndrome, a lack of motor abilities, an abdominal hernia, spinal damage, and an extra inactive finger. The infant was also not observed eating plants, suggesting […] More