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  • Colossal Prehistoric Fish Had Stronger Bite Than T. Rex

      Dunkleosteus, a prehistoric fish that lived in the Late Devonian period, wasn’t an ordinary fish — around 360 million years ago, it was the ruler of the seas.  This colossal beast grew up to 33 feet long and had a skull made up of thick, bony plates, which formed a heavy-duty armor. Parts of […] More

  • Opossum’s Immunity to Venom Could Save Thousands of Lives

    The opossum may not seem like much, but it has some tricks up its sleeve.  Its name derives from a Proto-Algonquian word meaning “white beast”, and it’s known for eating pretty much anything and its ability to play dead — but you’ve probably never heard that these creatures have a natural immunity to snake venom.  […] More

  • This Beetle Sprays Boiling Hot Toxic Liquid

    Imagine a chemical weapon; a jet of superheated toxic liquid. Then, shrink it down to the size of a fingernail. That’s the bombardier beetle, an insect that functions as a living chemical factory. When the beetle feels threatened, it ejects a toxic liquid spray called benzoquinone out of its rear end.  You may be wondering […] More

  • This Sea Slug Uses Its Head As a Fishing Net

    What’s five inches long, smells like fruit, and has a gooey head that it uses as a net to catch prey? Melibe viridis: a sea slug that seems like something out of a weird dream. A video was posted recently of one of these bizarre organisms spotted in Bali, causing confusion and even outright horror online. […] More

  • NZ Builds Commuter Tunnel for Tiny 9″ Penguins

     Image: Wikipedia Commons Up until recently, the town of Oamaru, in New Zealand, had a major traffic problem: penguins. Little blue penguins had included a road crossing in their daily commute, and it was proving dangerous for both the little penguins, and drivers. The penguins would cause a traffic jam, between people travelling to see […] More

  • Here’s Why Certain Animals Have Slit Pupils

    Some people find slit-shaped pupils to be weird, even creepy. They’re most commonly attributed to snakes, but they are found in a variety of animals — even house cats. So, why do so many animals have them, and what is their purpose? We’ll explain.  The overall purpose of any pupil is to let just the right amount […] More

  • Meet the Fascinating Flying Mammal with Suction Cup-Like Toes

    Meet the Sunda flying lemur! This animal has quite a deceptive name: it’s not actually a true lemur. Native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia, the Sunda flying lemur — also known as the Sunda colugo — spends the majority of its life in the canopy, gliding from tree to tree.  The colugo can glide up to […] More

  • Worst Wildfire in North Carolina History

    The state of North Carolina has been devastated by wildfires. Firefighters are currently trying to contain the fires, with some success. Over 40,000 acres have already burned – that’s around the size of Washington, D.C. It has been deemed the worst wildfire in North Carolina, and chance of containment anytime soon is slim. Some say it […] More

  • Drone Collects Whale Snot for Research

    Dr. Iain Kerr of the Ocean Alliance was faced with a problem: He needed to collect whale snot without disturbing animals. Kerr’s mission was to collect spray from whales to study viral and bacterial loads, DNA, and toxins in the whales’ lung linings. To do that, though, he would need to find a way to […] More