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  • Emotional Video Shows Male Polar Bear Chase and Eat Cub [Viewer Discretion Advised]

    Nature can be incredibly heart-warming and beautiful at times. At other times events can occur that, although normal for these animals, are difficult for us to watch and comprehend. In a shocking video by National Geographic, we see a male polar bear begin chasing a female and her cub through the ice. The cub still very young, and as […] More

  • Terrifying Video Shows What It Is Like to Be Bitten by a Crocodile

    Ever wondered what it is like to be bitten by a crocodile? What it would look like to see those massive jaws up close? Now you can experience it from the safety of your own home! Saltwater crocodiles are the largest living reptiles today, and also hold the record for the most powerful bite among all living organisms. […] More

  • Stunning Slow Motion Animal Attacks

    In this incredible compilation of super slow motion animal attacks, we see some of the most extraordinary animals up close up and personal, just as they are delivering killer blows (and watch out for an absolutely sensational miss just over halfway through). From chameleons and their super long tongues, to snapper turtles, and even the mantis […] More

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    10 Elusive Carnivorans You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

    Carnivora is an order of mammals that contains upwards of 280 species. We all love the big guns that make this group so awesome — eagles, lions, tigers, bears, wolves, hyenas, and the like. But these enigmatic species are not the only fascinating creatures in this group of animals. Although the name Carnivora suggests they […] More

  • Rescuing Raccoon from Drowning

    When an animal is in danger, it is easy not to act. Sometimes there’s genuinely nothing that can be done, but when someone has an opportunity to save a helpless being, they should—and often will—do their utmost to help. Whether it’s divers carrying stranded dolphins back to the water, or saving a swimming deer found miles off […] More

  • Squirrel Does Unbelievable Move To Escape Hawk

    Sometimes when situations are desperate, radical action is necessary. The phrase: ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’ is not one that should be taken lightly. In these circumstances, some truly unbelievable events can transpire. In this video, we see a hawk landing in a tree—perhaps the location of the hawk’s nest—nothing too out of the ordinary. What […] More

  • Momma Rat Saves Her Baby from a Snake

    Everybody loves their moms. They look out for us because, well, they are our moms. We’re not the only species where either one or both of our parents take care of us, making sure we reach adulthood unscathed. Parental care is actually pretty widespread, especially in mammals, where viviparity (giving birth to live young, and […] More

  • Animal Olympics: Who’s the Fastest?

    With the Olympics on the horizon, it’s going to start being all about speed, strength and agility. Instead of the current Olympics that has just humans participating in it, how about we expand this competition to all animals? In this “Animal Olympics”, instead of the teams being split into countries, the teams are now split into the 6 general animal […] More

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    5 Unbelievable Animals That Light Up

    In the dead of night and in the deepest oceans, light is hard to come by. The animals that live in these dark areas can have a tough job doing some things that seem simple to us, for example: moving, finding food and communication. In most cases, these animals just make do with the minimal light around […] More

  • The Private Lives of Jaguars

    Jaguars are elusive animals. These enigmatic cats are crepuscular — which means they are most active at dawn and dusk, and are very rarely active in the daylight hours. When you take into account that they are also solitary outside mother-cub groups, and the fact that their numbers are falling to the point where they are near […] More

  • Eagle Takes Down Super-Venomous Snake

    Sea snakes are unbelievably venomous. Some of the most venomous snakes are swimmers, although they actually rarely bite humans due to their docile nature. This knowledge goes out the window when you glimpse one: having seen one myself whilst scuba diving in Thailand, the sight of it swimming around was enough to get the adrenaline pumping […] More

  • Creepy Parasite Turns Snails Into Zombies

    via Gfycat Now for something that will be enough to give anyone nightmares. No one likes the idea of parasites, right? Tiny organisms living within bodies many times bigger than them, doing their own thing is enough to give people the shivers. Well, parasites can do much, much worse than just living inside of another animal. […] More

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