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  • Deep Sea Dragonfish Emanates Red Light from Eyes

    Deep sea dragonfishes lurk in the darkest parts of the ocean depths — and are capable of emanating red beams of light from their eyes.  These awesome looking creatures come from a family of fishes called Stomiidae that inhabit the ocean depths at an average of 2000 ft below the surface. They are ferocious predators with extremely large […] More

  • A Never-Ending Lightning Storm Ravages Venezuelan Skies

    This never-ending lightning storm has ravaged the Venezuelan skies as long as anyone can remember. Massive lightning storms over the Catatumbo Delta encompass the skies for ten hours every night in the same place for nearly three quarters of the year. The phenomenon is considered one of the great natural wonders of the world and is […] More

  • These Fish Are Leaving Water to Live on Land

    Blenny fish are trading in water for land – and evolving right before our eyes in order to escape formidable aquatic predators. More than thirty other species of fish have undergone this same transformation throughout the last 400 million years. Evolution occurs due to a multitude of factors including habitat pressure, lack of food, and […] More

  • “Extinct” Marsupial Found Alive in Australia After More Than a Century

    A crest-tailed mulgara — thought to be extinct for more than 100 years — was found burrowing through the sand dunes of New South Wales. Known previously only through fossilized remnants, the animal is one of two species of mulgara found throughout Central Australia. These marsupials have crested bushy tails, measure up to a foot […] More

  • This “Polar Bear Lizard” Once Roamed the Alaskan Wilderness

    The remains of a carnivorous, tyrannosaurid dinosaur were found in Alaska — named Nanuqsaurus, or “polar bear lizard”, after the cold, snowy upper latitudes of its natural habitat.  The single species Nanuqsaurus hoglundi is known from a partial skull fragment from the Prince Creek Formation of the North Slope of Alaska, dating back to the Late Cretaceous period. Although related to Tyrannosaurus […] More

  • This Lynx Tried to Catch a Squirrel and It Didn’t Go Well

    A lynx balances precariously in the treetops and makes a giant leap after a squirrel — but the squirrel has a plan of its own.  Lynxes are medium-sized wild cats distinguished by their short tails and tufts of black hair on the tops of their ears. They have large, padded paws for strolling silently across snowy terrain […] More

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