Zebras Playing In the Snow Are Far From Africa

Zebras playing in the snow might seen like a sign of the end of days (or a result of climate change). Fortunately, these zebras just get the chance to experience snow because of their new home.

zebras in snow

These zebras — Zoe, Ziva and Ziggy — at Utah’s Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City got a chance to experience snow at their home away from home.

It’s safe to say that these zebras would ever have been able to experience snow in their native Africa. While zebras are capable of surviving in colder conditions, they don’t have coats as thick as horses, so zoos like this need to make sure their striped friends have a place to shelter them from any cold and rainy conditions for them to keep warm and dry.

Zebras in Africa often begin their migration when the rain begins in the wet season. While most think of Africa as an extremely hot place, it can actually get quite cold, especially in the desert. At night the average temperature in some places in Africa can fall to 45 degrees, and is capable of falling below freezing in the desert and areas in higher altitudes. However, the snow these zebras got to experience in Utah is probably much more than anything they would have ever seen in Africa.

How do zebras Zoe, Ziva and Ziggy like the snow?

Posted by Utah's Hogle Zoo on Wednesday, December 16, 2015