Woodpecker vs. Snake

Great Spotted Woodpecker - Photo by Mick Lobb

Despite their names, woodpeckers are extremely metal birds, and they should probably be nicknamed “metal heads”. When you see them in action, you would assume they are made of steel. Check out this woodpecker drumming against wood in slow motion below to see what we mean.

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As you can see, the woodpecker closes its eyes bangs its head against the hard wood, quickly recovering after the impact. This amount of impact would kill or paralyze a human, but for woodpeckers, it is normal. This is how they find food, such as insects, grubs, and tree sap, and this is how they eat it. But their badassery doesn’t end there. In another article, we wrote about a woodpecker in Tucson, Arizona that attacked baby mourning doves in their nest and ATE THEIR BRAINS!!!

So, the next time you hear a woodpecker drumming away in a tree high above, think about how much badassery it takes these fascinating birds to go about their daily business. Do you think you’re cut out to live the life of a woodpecker?

We leave you with this gem, the video you have been waiting for… woodpecker vs. snake:

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Full video:

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