HORRIFYING Video of a Woodpecker Devouring Baby Dove Brains


Woodpeckers are generally believed to be harmless birds that feed on insects and tree sap, and for the most part, they are. However, their strong, sharp bills, used for drilling and drumming on trees, and their long, sticky tongues, used for extracting food, can also act as lethal weapons.

While other birds might seem safe from woodpeckers, this is not always the case. In Tucson, Arizona, a Gila woodpecker shows its bloodythirsty side.


Dropping onto a mourning dove nest, the Gila woodpecker wastes no time and immediately starts attacking the mourning dove chicks. But the woodpecker isn’t just after their flesh; it’s after their brains.

Like a starved zombie, the woodpecker pecks at the helpless baby doves’ heads and gobbles up their tiny brains like strawberry yogurt.

This disturbing and shocking behavior perfectly demonstrates the frightening brutality and unpredictability prevalent in the natural world.

To make matters worse, one of the mourning dove chicks rolls out of the nest and presumably dies on the ground. Meanwhile, the other chick, which has suffered tremendous brain damage, will probably endure a much slower death.

When their mother arrives on the scene less than 3 minutes after the attack, she is already too late. The hungry woodpecker has already dealt irreparable damage. Unfortunately, in nature, there is no legal system, only natural selection.

Watch the video of the engagement below. (WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.)

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this. Click here to watch a great spotted woodpecker raid a nest of blue tit fledglings.

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