Hungry Wild Monkeys Raid Farm to Steal Food in Thailand [VIDEO]

Insane footage captures the moment a gang of wild monkeys raided a farm in Thailand.

The villagers watched in shock as the hungry monkeys, which are usually fed by tourists, tour through the farm in the in Nakhon Ratchasima province on January 19.

One farmer remarked that “it would be impossible to stop all of them and dangerous, too. One monkey is enough to harm people if it wants too.. So we just let them eat the crops.”


The tourists that usually feed these monkeys have not been visiting the area due to the pandemic, and in turn the monkeys have become desperate.

This footage calls to mind a viral video from last year, during the early stages of the pandemic, when gangs of monkeys were filmed fighting for food after tourists stopped showing up in the usually-bustling city. Click here to learn more.

As the pandemic causes less tourism in certain areas, wildlife has been seen taking over the streets. In the clip below, a large rhinoceros can be seen walking through the streets of a town during the lockdown.

Rhino stroll through a village

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