Bird Survives Great White Shark Attack

Amazing footage shows a great white shark attacking a bird on the ocean’s surface.

When the shark attacked, it looked like it was all over for the little bird, but miraculously the lucky bird survived!

via Gfycat

You may wonder why the bird doesn’t just fly away. The bird is a cormorant, a bird that dives underwater to catch food. Most birds have oils that prevent their feathers from getting too wet to fly, but cormorants have feathers that become waterlogged easily. This prevents air bubbles from getting trapped in their feathers, allowing them to dive deeper. It’s one reason you often see cormorants standing with their wings spread, drying their wet wings after diving.

Full video with sound:

Birds sometimes narrowly escape shark attacks like this, depending on their quick reaction time to be able to swiftly escape in the nick of time. Watch another sighting below, in which an albatross narrowly evades the jaws of a great white shark:

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