What Would You Name 3 Baby Albino Gators? Gatorland Wants to Know

A wildlife reserve that doubles as a themepark has released photos of three recently acquired albino baby alligators now living at the attraction. It’s holding a contest on its social media platforms to name the trio.

They are siblings, born in August, but it’s too soon to know their gender.

Early name suggestions posted on Gatorland’s Facebook page focus on white or wintry themes, and, curiously, the Three Stooges.

The attraction, which has operated on South Orange Blossom Trail for 70 years, recently added a new habitat for an albino alligator (named Pearl) alongside two of its even-more-rare leucistic alligators and other gators. It’s hoped that by next August there will be more white gators living at Gatorland.

Gatorland is known for buying and rescuing nuisance alligators from trappers that would otherwise be killed for their meat and skin. For more information, go to gatorland.com.

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