The Rare Werewolf Cat: Meet the Lykoi

This natural-born “werewolf” cat appears to be a creepy combination of canine and feline, with dark and slim features. The breed is officially called “Lykoi” and there are only 35 such cats known to man.

It is neither a skin disease nor a crossbreed between a wolf and a cat that creates this creature. Rather, a rare genetic mutation leads to the development of a practically hairless, strong, and lean breed of cat.


The first Lykoi cats were discovered six years ago in both Tennessee and Virginia, but several feline associations are on the fence about whether this so called “Wolf Cat” should be recognized as a “provisional breed” of cat.

werewolf cat

Researchers investigated the underlying biological characteristics that cause Lykoi cats to have little to no hair. Despite intensive studies of skin samples of various cats, researchers could find no explanation for the gene mutations that made the cats look like they do.

With so few living Wolf Cats to study, scientists are hardly able to learn more about this rare cat. For the Lykoi cat born in Cape Town, named Eyona by the Cape Town local who found her, the history of her kind will remain a mystery.


See more wolf cats in the video below:

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