Watch This Lion Wearing a Go-Pro Make Her First Kill

If you’re unfamiliar with Kevin Richardson, AKA the lion whisperer, then let this be your introduction. Richardson is known for his work with African wildlife, particularly lions, and posting footage of his up close encounters with the predators. In this video, Richardson shares what it’s like for lion to make a kill, which just happens to be her first ever.

The footage starts with Richardson coming upon the lioness, which he calls Meg, drinking. He remarks how she’s just made her first kill and that there will be interesting footage. At this point, we notice the Go-Pro strapped to her back.


The video then flashes back to Richardson strapping the camera onto Meg, but from that camera’s angle. Over voiceover, Richardson explains how the lion is an apex predator and hunts in tall grass to stay hidden from its prey.

We see Meg, from her point of view, skulking through the wild and even running through water.

Suddenly, she spots a wildebeest (that brownish shape with four legs) and quickly overpowers it.

The animal struggles against Meg, but he’s already caught. The footage then cuts to Richardson’s point of view.

After all is said and done, Richardson turns to the camera and explains, “my heart goes out to the little animal that’s just lost its life, but it is nature.” He then adds: “Just another boring day in Africa.”


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