Massive Moose Makes Its Way up an Alaskan River

A massive bull moose makes its way up an Alaskan river in some incredible footage shared online. In a display of its surprising speed, the moose was able to keep pace with the motor boat.


The video was captured by Gabe Nyblad while fishing in Alaska. While a seemingly light-hearted encounter, this could have ended badly…

While Alaska is home to some famously ferocious predators like wolves and bears, no animal that wanders the Northern hemisphere is more dangerous to humans than moose, which attack and injure more people than bears and wolves combined. Worldwide, moose are the second most dangerous wild mammal — only hippos injure more people every year.


As the largest living member of the deer family, it should come as no surprise that moose are so deadly. Standing between 5 and 7 feet high at the shoulder and weighing as much as 1,500 pounds, these massive creatures are no pushover. They can break and crush bones with little effort, and they become very aggressive, especially when their calves are threatened.

via Gfycat

Even bears and wolves tend to stay out of their way since these large animals are capable of killing both. Moose are also known to intimidate potential enemies with a deafening roar, which is generally enough to keep the predators at bay.

To better understand their power, watch this female moose in Quebec charge through deep snow like an organic snowplow. You REALLY don’t want to get caught in a moose’s path.


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