WATCH: Venus Flytraps Devour Insects and More

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While the Venus flytrap isn’t an animal, as a carnivorous plant, it certainly acts like one. Unlike most plants, which gather their energy from the sun and the soil, Venus flytraps live in harsh environments where the soil has poor nitrogen and phosphorous content.

Thus, they must acquire their nutrients from elsewhere, so to compensate, they eat insects and arachnids, which they snap up in their specially modified leaves. When their prey is trapped, these leaves will seal to form a “stomach”, which effectively digests the flytrap’s victim.

In the video below, you can see this entire process in action thanks to the ever awe-inspiring BBC.

The music and sound effects, coupled with the fantastic footage, really make this video. It is beautifully horrifying.

Despite the name, Venus flytraps don’t eat that many flies.

Their diet is 33% ants, 30% spiders, 10% beetles, and 10% grasshoppers, with fewer than 5% flying insects.

Why? Because, compared to the small flying insects, the biggest insects and spiders provide the greatest quantity of nutrients.


Amazingly, while Venus flytraps are well-known in popular culture and cultivated worldwide, in the wild, they are only native to a small area between North and South Carolina. Specifically, they live within a 60 miles radius of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Watch a slug escape the flytrap:

The yellowjacket in the clip below was not as lucky…

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