Unsinkable Geckos Can Walk on Water


Holy Gecko! This tiny lizard has a special skill…

Deep in the rainforests of South America, a plethora of wildlife resides and thrives, and many of these creatures have adapted to an abundance of rain. Pygmy geckos (Chatogekko amazonicus) are an excellent example.

Growing up to a measly 0.94 inches (24 millimeters), pygmy geckos could easily drown in a torrential downpour.

Yet, thanks to special adaption, they don’t — instead, they can literally walk on water.

Pygmy geckos possess hydrophobic (water-resistant) skin, and they can shrug water off as if they’re wearing tiny raincoats. In fact, they can even walk across it and are, by all accounts, unsinkable. This is an extremely handy adaptation for such a small creature that exists in such wet conditions.

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Other South American lizards, such as the basilisk (also known as the “Jesus Christ Lizard”), can run across water, but they can only do this temporarily to escape predators.

The pygmy gecko, on the other hand, can just sit back and relax as the rain carries it around. No need to go anywhere in a hurry.

In the video below, you can watch the pygmy gecko’s unique water-resisting abilities in action; watch how it walks across the surface as if its made of gelatin!

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