Unbelievably Strange Creature Spotted In Ocean Depths

Image: Nautilus Live

During an underseas exploration, a team of researchers encountered quite an unusual marine creature.

The discovery was made by E/V Nautilus, the exploration ship manned by Titanic discoverer Dr. Robert Ballard.

This strange looking creature is identified as a siphonophore, a creature that is actually comprised of multiple small organisms working together in a single, bizarre looking animal — like Portuguese man o’ wars.

Siphonophores have long boggled the minds of scientists, who have noted their highly specialized colonies that form unusual creatures beyond which could normally be imagined within the marine kingdom.

natuilus gif

They were for a long time believed to be a highly distinct group, but now are known to have evolved from simpler colonial hydrozoans similar to Anthomedusae or Leptomedusae. Consequently, they are now united with these in a subclass of Leptolinae.

The Siphonophorae are not only of interest to scientists due to their bizarre appearance but also because several species posses a very dangerous sting.

Watch the footage below documenting the moment the scientists encountered one of these large alien-like specimens…