Twin Tortoises Born in the Same Egg

Though rare, there have been several cases documented where tortoises are born within the same egg. These baby tortoises are either conjoined or joined at the yolk sac. In an amazing video, a New Jersey tortoise keeper demonstrates how to successfully and safely separate tortoise twins that are joined at the yolk sac. Since they shared the same egg, these cute tortoise twins are not unlike human twins.

Tortoise Twins

To separate the baby tortoises, you have to be quite careful, and this tortoise keeper is incredibly gentle. Using some dental floss, the breeder cuts off blood flow between the yolk sacs, so he can separate them without hurting them. This process takes a couple days, but even with the yolk sac and dental floss between them, the tiny tortoises are able to walk and take their first drinks of water. After two days, the tortoises separate on their own, and they are free at last.

Tortoise Twins 2

Watch the entire process in the video below! There is music, which is rather loud, so turn your volume down a bit, especially if you’re wearing headphones! Nature truly is amazing!

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