Turtle Nearly Loses His Head to Massive Fish [VIDEO]

They say everything is bigger in Texas. This is apparently also true of bass.

In video taken by a fisherman Kyle Naegli near Houston, Texas, a turtle seems to be having a pretty good day. It’s snacking on a bit of gizzard shad and enjoying a peaceful day out on the water. But all of a sudden things take a dark turn.

In something out of a horror movie, the camera captures a bass creeping up on the poor turtle from the depths of the murky water.

The bass swallows up the shad whole – and almost bites the head off of the turtle. Luckily for our shelled-friend, he was able to pull his head back into his shell just in time and he escapes the ordeal with his head intact.

He may have lost his meal, and a little bit of his pride, but at least he lives to see another day.


Naegli said: “It was such a close call for the turtle,” Naegli told The Telegraph. “It swam away fine after nearly being decapitated and crawled back up the pond bank to escape.

While Naegli said he has seen something like this before, he has never been able to actually catch it on film.

Watch the video below: