WATCH: Unbelievably Fast Attack of the Trap-Jaw Spider


The eentsy-weensty spider did NOT go up the water spout. It used its powerful, incredibly fast jaw to chomp and chow down on its prey before the unlucky fellow even knew what was coming.

So-called Trap-Jaw Spiders are extremely fast, with specialized jaw structures designed to grab prey, a technique different than a lot of other spider species that grab their prey with their front legs. Called “chelicerae,” the Trap-Jaw Spider’s secret weapon surprised scientists with its speed and accuracy when making a kill.

Trap-Jaw Spiders are native to South America and New Zealand, but I bet that won’t stop you from checking under the bed sheets for any creepy-crawlies tonight. Trap-Jaw Spiders are wickedly tiny; the smallest of the kind ever found was less than 2 millimeters. That is about half the thickness of the eraser on a number two pencil.

However small, these arachnids are undoubtedly deadly with their lightning-fast bite. Who needs a web when you have jaws like that? Yes, that’s right, Trap-Jaw Spiders live and hunt from the ground, where they can blend in and sneak up on prey silently. The next time you go for a walk in the woods, you might want to watch your step.

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