Tortoise Saves Tortoise Stuck on Rock

When you’re a tortoise, life can be a bit more challenging. Sure, you can live to be over a hundred years old. But not every tortoise makes it to that age. Tortoises are slow and relatively defenseless against big predators. Even a rock can pose a serious challenge, and in one case, a tortoise is literally hopelessly stuck between a rock and a hard place. How could he/she possibly escape? With help, of course.

Tortoise gets stuck on a rock. Help arrives

In an unexpected twist, another much larger (and possibly older and wiser) tortoise comes to the troubled tortoise’s rescue. What would’ve happened to the smaller tortoise without the bigger tortoise’s intervention? We don’t quite know. Turtles and tortoises aren’t known to be very smart, unfortunately. Nevertheless, they are adorable, and they do seem to display a bit of intelligence. If the bigger tortoise truly wanted to help the smaller tortoise, then, that means tortoises might be smarter than we assume. But, without proper scientific experiments, this is all speculation.

In the video below, you can watch the big tortoise save the small tortoise from certain inconvenience. The smaller tortoise should be thankful that there weren’t any hungry big cats or crocodilians around to witness this embarrassing moment. Both of those predators can easily crunch through the shells of turtles and tortoises.