Time-lapse of a Praying Mantis Eating a Whole Locust

Praying mantises are fantastic hunters. Armed with a set of five eyes, they can swivel their heads 180 degrees to track prey as it moves through their surroundings. They’re also masters of camouflage, easily blending into plants as they wait in ambush.

Using their deadly forelegs, which they keep clasped together as if perpetually in prayer, they can unleash destruction on any unwitting arthropod that stands in their way.

As you can see from the clip, these powerful predators have an insatiable appetite, able to devour prey as large as itself.

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Watch how the mantis devoured a locust whole over a period of 3 hours sped up to just over a minute.

Full video:

Praying mantises are able to consume a surprisingly large amount of prey if given the opportunity, although it does take the mantis a long time to devour such a large meal as seen in the video below.

Praying Mantises are incredible creatures, with a penchant for ruthlessness, whether it be during the hunt, reproduction, and even in death — click here to learn more.

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