Tigers vs. Bear: 2 Bengal Tigers Attack an Asiatic Black Bear

In this rare piece of footage, two adult tigers face off with an Asiatic black bear.

The bear was outnumbered, but fought back valiantly.

Two tigers battling a bear along a river, bear is very outnumbered, unsure how it will end from r/natureismetal

The battle apparently began when the Asiatic black tried to attack the cubs of the two adult Bengal tigers.

The Bengal tiger is the second largest cat on Earth, surpassed only by the Siberian tiger. The Asiatic black bear is the largest bear species in South Asia.

Watch the full video of the intense encounter below… [Warning – not for sensitive viewers]

This isn’t the only time we’ve seen these tigers and bears go head-to-head. In one intense sighting, a mother bear and her cub had approached a watering hole in India’s Tadoba National Park when they caught the attention of a highly territorial male tiger who was standing guard. When the tiger began pursuing the cub, the mother immediately stepped in and challenged the big cat.

Watch the video of that intense face-off below: