Tigers Take Down a Bear

Image: DNP/Freeland
Tigers and sloth bears share the same habitat with dozens of other predators — and on occasion these two animals serve as unlikely yet formidable opponents.

Unfortunately for the bears, they rarely win a physical battle against these opponents, despite their elevated signs of aggression. If they aren’t able to flee a tiger’s wrath, they will likely become the big cat’s prey.

In the video below, a pack of tigers take down a bear with ease. Tigers are usually solitary animals, so it makes this sighting even more rare to see a group of tigers hunting together.


The sloth bear is also known as the labiated bear (Melursus ursinus) and is native to portions of India and Southeast Asia. They are primarily insectivorous mammals, preferring to feed on termites, honeybees, and fruits.

These unusual animals are quite lankier than their Asian black bear relatives and also boast shaggier coats and lighter colored muzzles. Their large lips and a lack of upper incisors make for the ultimate insect-eating capacity.

Click here to watch a tiger battle an Asiatic black bear.

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