Tiger Leaps at Man Riding Elephant

Nothing is quite as dangerous as an aggressive tiger.

India contains a vast array of dangerous wildlife, but few animals on Earth compare to this wild cat.

In fact, we ranked India as #2 in The 5 Most Dangerous Places on Earth to See Wild Animals. That’s because India is the only country where you can see lions, tigers, and bears sharing the same habitat.

Yet, of this deadly triad of mammals, the tiger is the largest and most fearsome. Here’s an example:

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Bengal tigers are aware of their position as top range predators. They will not submit to any other creature, not even a man riding on top of an elephant, which could seemingly make for a formidable opponent.

During this hair-raising encounter, the tiger manages to not only jump out of the grass on top of the elephant, but also impressively mauls the man, and that’s not even the most unsettling part.

If you watch the full video below, you won’t even see the tiger until it completely emerges from the protective greenery.

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Full video:

Imagine walking through that grass without an elephant to protect you. The lesson? While tigers are beautifully patterned, you should stay FAR away from them.

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