Tiger Jumps Over 10 Feet In Air [Watch In Slow Motion]

tiger air

Amazing slo-mo footage of a tiger getting some major air. Watch as this majestic big cat leaps high into the air and catches meat in its paws.

This footage was taken at Glen Africa farm in South Africa during a Volunteer Southern Africa program.

If you watch closely you’ll see that the tiger actually jumps higher than the fence of the enclosure. Impressive – and a little scary!


Tigers and other big cats have a natural instinct to go into attack-mode when hungry, and when meat is present. This may be not the best way to feed an animal like this… just watch this video of a foolhardy zookeeper feeding a black panther the wrong way – and he pays the price!

Either way, this video is a testament to the fact that tigers are extremely athletic creatures that have the ability to leap very high into the air when triggered to attack. Tigers can leap over 10 ft in the air, and can spring vertically as far as 20ft when in full flight.

Watch the video below to see just how amazing this big cat is when it leaps into the air to catch the meat:

Not only can tigers jump amazingly high, they can also run quite fast, as seen in the clip below.

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If that’s not enough, let us not forget that tigers can also climb trees with great speed and little effort. Just watch:

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