“Ugliest Fish” in the Sea Thrives 2,000 Feet Below the Waves

Beneath the deepest ocean depths a variety of bizarre and frightening creatures lurk, but perhaps none so visually unappealing as the blobfish.

Some creatures like the anglerfish boast glowing lures and massive teeth. Others, such as the black swallower, gulp down fish twice their size. Then there’s the blobfish, one of the strangest looking fish of all.

The blobfish is a peculiar fish native to the deep waters around Australia and New Zealand, and it could hardly look any uglier. Resembling something like a grumpy old man, the blobfish is probably the ugliest fish in the ocean, if not the ugliest animal in the world.

Underwater they appear similar to other fish, but at the surface, they turn into hideous monstrosities. Blobfish naturally reside at depths between 2,000 and 3,900 feet beneath the ocean surface where the pressure is 60 to 120 times greater than the pressure at sea level, making gas-filled swim bladders generally utilized for buoyancy absolutely inefficient. Instead, blobfish have flesh that is slightly less dense than water, allowing them to float above the seafloor.

As you can imagine, when flesh is less dense than seawater, it appears quite different outside of the water. When these creatures are hauled up to the surface from the lightless abyss their gelatinous bodies expand into blob-like forms.

Watch this rare footage of a blobfish near the bottom of the sea: