Incredible Insect Looks like Sticks Covered in Moss

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 12.42.58 PM

Some insects look like something beyond one’s wildest imagination, and the Moss Mimic insect is definitely one of the most remarkable.

Footage of the incredible insect, known as the Moss Mimic Insect or Trychopeplus thaumasius is a perfect demonstration of how this strange creature looks literally like a some sticks covered in moss.

This insect was filmed while on a trek in the rainforests of Ecuador. The video and photos were posted online by Andreas Kay, a natural scientist and photographer based in Ecuador. Ecuador is home to rich biodiversity, and scientists like Kay are helping to spread awareness of this richness in the hope that we can conserve this important asset.

The variety of species, many still yet undiscovered, is truly staggering.

Watch the video below…

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