Surfers ‘Calmly’ Encounter 20 Basking Sharks off Coast of Ireland

A group of surfers were surprised to encounter 20 massive basking sharks while surfing off the coast of Ireland.

Surfer Tom Gillespie posted the video to Instagram, with the caption “Basking shark hangs this morning! Trying our best not to look like planktons.”

According to the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group, there have been over 30 basking shark sightings recently. Experts estimate that “perhaps as many as 100 sharks in a relatively small area… Although such numbers are unusual, they are not without precedent.”

While these sharks are massive (the second-largest living shark, after the whale shark), they pose no danger to humans. Their diet considers of plankton, small fish, and invertebrates, which they sieve from the water using their massive mouths and gill rakers. In one hour, they can filter up to 2,000 short tons (1,800 t) of water.

Watch the encounter:

Watch the video below to see more incredible basking shark footage:

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