Squirrel Mom Battles Snake to Protect Babies

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At first, it was just another pleasant day in the forest. The baby squirrels adorably pawing at each other, blissfully unaware of the threat that lurks nearby.

Just meters away slithers a hungry long-nosed snake that would love nothing more than a delicious meal of baby squirrel.

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Fortunately for the baby squirrels, their mom is not just an ordinary mom. She is a Ninja Squirrel!

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This squirrel mom will let this hungry long-nosed snake near her babies on one condition: over her dead body.

But the snake is ready to give her a run for her money.

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She displays nerves of steel, as well as Matrix-like acrobatic fighting skills.

Who will prevail? Watch the amazing face-off in the video below:


The squirrels in this video are Harris’s antelope squirrel, a species found in Arizona, New Mexico, and the Sonoma desert of Mexico. They have some pretty cool adaptations to survive the arid conditions, including a fascinating technique known as “heat dumping.”

While collecting food out in the heat, they shield themselves from the sun by holding their tails above their heads like an umbrella. They will stay out, exposed to the heat until their bodies reach their maximum temperature. Once that happens, the squirrels find shade so they can rest, while laying spread-eagled with their bellies pressed against the ground until they’ve lowered their body temperature again. It’s actually kind of adorable.

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