Slugs Can Crawl Across Sharp Blades Unharmed

Snails and Slugs on Knives and Razors 2

Snails and slugs are simple, slow, and slimy. Not many people would describe them as “badass”. And, yet, they are extremely badass. Why? Because they can crawl across knives and razors blades completely unharmed! How many animals can do that?!

Snails and Slugs on Knives and Razors 3

Thanks to their slime coated bodies, which reduce friction between their bodies and the blade, and the low pressure produced by their slimy foot, snails and slugs can effortlessly glide across surfaces that would slice just about any other animal to pieces. This makes them true badasses in the animal kingdom, even if they are a tad underrated.

Snails and Slugs on Knives and Razors 4

In the video below, watch them in action for yourself. Not only can they cross sharp knives and jagged blades unharmed, but they can even glide across the length of the blade as if it’s a rock or a tree branch!


But why stop here? Snails and slugs can be even more badass in other areas, defying the stereotype of being humble, helpless squishballs. For example, some snails can incorporate metal into their bodies! Other snails and slugs are carnivorous and highly predatory. In the sea, conches chase down and devour other snails. On land, Powelliphanta augusta, a species of snail from New Zealand, swallows live worms whole! The moral of the story? Never underestimate a gastropod!