Tree Frog Devours Python

Image: Bruce Braught Jr., Facebook

Photos taken in Australia recently reveal a shocking reverse predator/prey relationship — a tree frog eating a python. 

The Australian green tree frog primarily feeds on insects such as moths, cockroaches, and locusts, but in rare scenarios, adapts its palate to devour small carpet pythons.

While green tree frogs rarely grow to little more than four inches in length, an adult carpet python can exceed lengths of ten feet and is known for feeding on mammals, birds, and lizards — garnering a much higher place on the food chain and putting the frog at a distinct disadvantage.

Even a juvenile carpet python is capable of suffocating its prey to death, but in this situation, prey conquers predator.

An Australian green tree frog devours a carpet python.

This is not the first time frogs have been observed taking on their serpentine adversaries.

In July of 2008, sixty miles south of Darwin, Australia, a ferocious cane toad took on a giant keelback snake. Keelback snakes are regarded as one of the cane toad’s most prominent enemies — exceeding them in size, length, weight. This three-foot-long snake met his unlikely match in the hungry toad that day.

Toad eating a snake alive.

In addition to challenging snakes, frogs have been known to eat their own relatives. In 2015 a cannibalistic frog was photographed dining on one its own kind. Yikes!

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