See What It’s Like to Fall Into a Rattlesnake Pit

See What It’s Like to Fall Into a Rattlesnake Pit



A Montana native decided to try to get an up-close look at the pit of rattlesnakes using his GoPro camera. Rattlesnakes did not take kindly to the trespasser, however. When the camera got too close to the pit full of rattlesnakes, the reptiles attacked.


When the snakes bit, the GoPro was knocked into the snake den. Luckily, a hockey stick served as the perfect tool for saving the camera. Michael Delaney, a Montana resident, described the moment on Facebook.

“Just got some great rattlesnake footage, the GoPro was knocked off the stick from a snake striking it and landed in a ball of snakes,” he said. “Fished it out with a hockey stick, just got done cleaning the venom off my GoPro.”

Listen to the drone of the rattles. That is one sound you never want to be completely surrounded by. Never before has anyone been able to see what it’s like to be inside a rattlesnake pit – and lived.

By Mokele at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Rattlesnakes live in dens like this for a variety of reasons. Females will lay their eggs there, and in the winter the den will provide warmth in the colder months. Generally, rattlesnakes will enter underground dens after the winter’s first freeze. Often, they’ll hang out in a group. If the dens are undisturbed, snakes will return to the same ones year after year.

Where snakes can’t dig holes, you’ll often find that their dens are made of vacant rodent roles, typically on high hillsides with a lot of sun exposure.