Seagull Devours Rat [VIDEO]

A hungry seagull was filmed devouring a gigantic rat on the sidewalk of a street in Rome, Italy.

As Rome has been under lockdown, the lack of people on the streets has deprived some city-dwelling animals of their normal source of food. The seagulls have been forced to hunt rats, pigeons, and other birds to survive.

via Gfycat

Due to the lack of human activity, the seagull “has returned to being a predator”, zoologist Bruno Cignini told an Italian newspaper.

While it may be surprising, hunting and killing is not a new trend for seagulls. Below are just a few examples…

Seagulls have even been recorded hunting prey larger than rats, such as rabbits. Click here to see a video of a seagull devouring an entire rabbit.

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