WATCH: Sea Turtle Eats Jellyfish

Incredible footage captures the moment a hungry sea turtle chomps down on a jellyfish. Watch:

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In another video, you can see a sea turtle chomping down on a massive jellyfish:

Sea turtles are surprisingly adept at using their limbs to forage for, capture, grasp and transport prey in ways usually associated with more evolved mammals.

GIF: NatGeo via YouTube

A recent study suggests that these behaviors are much more common in marine tetrapods than previously thought. Click here to learn more. But first, watch how this sea turtle uses his flippers to karate chop a jellyfish:

You can see from this footage why plastic bags in the ocean could be a real problem — the turtles will think the plastic bags are jellyfish. According to researchers, it is estimated that 52% of the world’s turtles have eaten plastic waste.

According to research, 22% of turtles that ingest just one plastic item will die.

“Even a single piece of plastic can kill a turtle,” Lecturer in Animal Ecology at the University of the Sunshine Coast Dr Kathy Townsend said.

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