6 Real-Life Pokémon

In honor of the recent release of Niantic’s mobile app Pokemon Go, here 6 animals that look just like their Pokemon counterparts.

  1. The Fennec Fox and Eevee: 

This Eevee lookalike is the smallest fox in the world. They’re found in North Africa, the Sinai, and the Arabian peninsulas, and they are capable of jumping up to two feet in the air and leap a distance of four feet.

2. The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and Caterpie: 

These cute caterpillars not only have the same brightly-colored horn as Pokemon’s caterpie, but the organ actually releases something called “terpenes” – and it smells vile.

3. Translucent Tadpoles and Poliwag:

The coils you can see through the translucent skin of these Costa Rican tadpools is their intestines.

4. The Cedar Waxwing and Pidgey:

This color bird that keeps popping up on your Pokemon Go radar likes to hang out with his friends, eating berries and whistling the days away.

5. The Pangolin and Sandshrew:

This pangolin might not be as cute as Sandshrew but it certainly is a remarkable creature. Fun fact: pandolins are the only mammals in the world covered in scales.

6. The Yellow Rockfish and Magikarp: 

The yellow rockfish species may not evolve into a dragon after a ridiculous amount of Magikarp Candy, but it can normally be found off the coast of Washington if you’d like one for yourself.