Rare White Moose is the ‘White King’ of Sweden’s Forest

The mystical forest land of Sweden hide an amazing, mysterious creature. The White King of the forest is a now world-famous moose that lives in Värmland, the borderland between Sweden and Norway. This rare creature, sometimes referred to as Spirit Moose, is only found in this part of Sweden.

While these creatures are ghostly white, like an albino, White Moose are not albinos. They actually possess a rare genetic variant that causes white fur. It’s the same genetic mutation that gives humans red hair. A brown cow can have a white calf and vise versa. The video below shows that these white moose continue to reproduce and thrive.

Only about one hundred of the white Moose are known to exist. These white Moose are found almost exclusively in the mystical forests of Värmland, in the borderlands between Sweden and Norway. With large grounds in deep forests they are a sought after sight not easily found. Learn about how to see these creatures here.

white moose

Eva, of the Arkiva Facebook page who posted the video, had this to say:
A sneak peek of the film that wildlife filmmaker Ulf Jonasson is producing for Sveriges Television. A film aboutthe white king of the forests. Spectacular photos of big, small, brown and, not the least, white elks/moose that are one of a kind and only excists here in the western parts of Värmland. The film will be broadcasted fall 2017.


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