Rare Black Panther Caught on Camera in India

A rare black panther was caught on camera strolling through the jungles of Kabini in India.

Photographer Shaaz Jung captured the incredible photos on the banks of the Kabini River, on the south-eastern part of Nagarahole National Park. The park is known for its tiger and elephant sightings, but this is the first time a rare black panther has been spotted here.

Black panthers are extremely rare, though they have been spotted from time to time. Click here to watch a black panther face off against an anaconda in the Amazonian jungle.

The big cat appears black due to a condition known as melanism, which causes an excess of melanin and causes a darkening of body tissues. Melanistic leopards and jaguars still have their typical spotted patterns, but they’re just harder to see because of the coloring.

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