Raccoon Eats at the Dinner Table

This bandit has had enough of digging through trashcans and wants a seat at the dinner table. Watch this cute raccoon gobble up some grapes:

After living in close proximity to humans over several generations, raccoons seem to have lost their innate fear of people. Many consider raccoons to be ‘pests’, while others (such as the people who took this video, clearly) seem to enjoy the presence of these intelligent mammals.


While some people might call raccons names like ‘trash pandas’ and scorn their existence, others find these medium-sized North American creatures kind of cute and lovable.

Many public authorities and wildlife experts argue against feeding wild animals, because they might become increasingly obtrusive and dependent on humans as a food source. Other experts challenge such arguments, arguing that raccoons can successfully coexist with humans in the right conditions, and some offer advice on feeding raccoons and other wildlife in their books.