Python Vs. Anaconda


Meet the world’s longest snake: the reticulated python from Southeast Asia. While these reptiles are not venomous like many of their slithery peers, their constricting power is capable of killing a fully-grown human man.

For the snake experts at the New England Reptile Distributors (yes, their name spells NERD), handling these giant snakes is just another day at the office. From multiple types of giant pythons to anacondas. The main question they ask their reptilian friends is this: Who would win in a fight – anacondas or pythons?

A cute little mojave ball python giving a yawn. O - Imgur

While Nicki Minaj’s song “Anaconda” shows up on a Google search well before the Wikipedia page, these reptiles are in fact huge, constricting snakes and not just a metaphor that works well in a rap song.

The reticulated python might be the world’s longest snake, but the green anaconda is the world’s largest snake by weight. You’ll find an anaconda in South America, but what if these two snakes could be pitted against each other in a boxing ring for slithering reptiles? Which do you think would trump the other? Longest or heaviest?

The nerds from NERD can’t seem to make a decision, so the choice might be up to you. Whoever ends up on top though, there is no denying that these powerful snakes are animals to respected.