Pufferfish Caught in Vortex

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Pufferfish are cutesy little fish that are well-known for their ability to swallow water and blow themselves up like balloons.

However, they are not well-known for their ability to swim! Just look at what happens when they get stuck in a tiny swirling vortex, caused by the collision of cold and warm deep water currents.

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In this area, which is off Mexico’s Socorro Island (also known as “Shark Island”), the pufferfish spin in the vortex like tops, and they don’t even seem to care! In fact, they seem more inconvenienced than panicked. They literally “just go with the flow”.

It is not unlike the East Australian Current scene in the movie Finding Nemo, where the Marlin, Dory, Crush, Squirt, and the sea turtles spin and twirl in the strong current.

EAC Finding Nemo

Even so, pufferfish aren’t all such weak swimmers. In another video, a pufferfish has less trouble handling the strong current, although he/she has a a rocky reef to protect him/her, unlike the open sea puffers, which are exposed on all sides.