Emotional Video Shows Male Polar Bear Chase and Eat Cub [Viewer Discretion Advised]

Polar Bear Eats Cub
Image by flickrfavorites

Nature can be incredibly heart-warming and beautiful at times. At other times events can occur that, although normal for these animals, are difficult for us to watch and comprehend.

In a shocking video by National Geographic, we see a male polar bear begin chasing a female and her cub through the ice. The cub still very young, and as a result the pair cannot outrun the large male for long.

As the male gains on the pair, the female turns to face the him in a last-ditch attempt to stop him from getting to the cub. However he is not intimidated and just carries on past her, catching up to the poor cub and finishing the chase once and for all.

Although this emotional footage makes the polar bear out to be the villain, this just goes to show how difficult the life of a polar bear is.

Watch this video and try not to well up:

With climate change reducing the total ice coverage that bears can hunt on, they are finding it more and more difficult to capture their usual prey — seals for example. Therefore, with the sea ice ever increasing, it is likely that the number of events similar to this one increases, as the bears become more and more desperate for food.

Here’s a photo recently shared online of a polar bear walking with the head of a cub in his mouth:

Adult polar bear carrying the head of a polar bear cub from r/natureismetal

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