Parrot Sings ‘Stairway to Heaven’ [LISTEN!]

Meet Tico, a parrot with a penchant for belting out rock tunes.

In the video below, which has now been shared hundreds of times across the internet, you can hear Tico whistling and singing along as his owner strums the chords to the classic tune ‘Stairway to Heaven’ – LISTEN:

Here’s a video of another incredible performance by Tico:

Tico is an Amazon parrot, a species renowned for its ability to mimic a variety of sounds, especially that of a human voice.

Watch the video below to hear one of these amazing parrots cackle menacingly, exactly like a super-villain.

Several years ago, another yellow-naped Amazon parrot became famous for its singing. The parrot in the video below, named Lolita, sings the heavy metal song Bodies by the band Drowning Pool, which is a truly amazing feat. She even mimics the vocalist’s screaming! Listen:

These aren’t the only hard-rocking parrots out there. Click here to check out another singing parrot that became the leader of his own metal band, Hatebeak.

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