Black Panther Claw Rips Into Feeder’s Hand

Black Panther Claw Rips Into Feeder’s Hand



This is NOT the correct way to feed big cats. Watch as this careless zookeeper gets way too close to these leopards, and he pays the price!

These wild animals should never be fed in such an unnatural way. “Artificial feeding can also lead to animals aggressively seeking out food from people, sometimes resulting in injury.”[Wiki]

This is an example of misguided artificial feeding gone awry. No matter how good the feeder’s intentions were, he was doing it wrong, and learned his lesson. These wild animals are not meant to be spectacles for humans to ogle at. By feeding the cats so up close, and with humans directly in front of the cat, it may begin to associate humans with food. This could result in a propensity for attacking humans.

And even if the predator doesn’t develop a desire for human flesh, this video proves that mistakes like this can still happen. It just proves that humans must always treat wild animals with the utmost respect, and always keep a good distance away.