Pandas Annoy Staff at Breeding Center

Is that a neat basket of leaves?

A while ago we showed you some ‘vicious’ panda attacks from a breeding sanctuary in China, where a small group of pandas are adorably chasing each other and their handlers around. Well, guess what: they are back, and are up to even more mischief this time around.

These giant pandas are in a breeding sanctuary in the Sichuan province of southwest China, which is their native home. Research bases like these can be home to just under 100 pandas, and volunteers can pay £35 to be a keeper for the day. £35 for a day of tormenting by a panda… Where do I sign? If you are willing to splash, you can even ‘hug a teenage panda’ for a strictly timed minute — costing a whopping £200!

Not any more it isn’t.

Breeding programs are vital for this species because pandas are really facing a big struggle. Giant pandas are an endangered species, being threatened by both habitat loss and fragmentation, as well as a birthrate that is extremely low regardless of whether they are in the wild or in captivity. As pandas are so uninterested in breeding, scientists have had to try some drastic measures over the years, including showing them ‘panda porn’, and giving them Viagra to get them started. 

Pandas definitely pose a unique conservation case study.

Only recently have breeders started having luck in this endeavor, with a surprisingly genetically healthy captive population that might begin to allow pandas to be released into the wild soon.

Pandas are like difficult pre-schoolers

These pandas seem to be very inquisitive, and among running around chasing their keeper, they seem to be able to get in the way at every opportunity. The handler doesn’t seem to realise that perhaps the pandas are best left to get on with their trouble-making by themselves. Sometimes it’s actually hard to believe that pandas are real, they just make for such entertaining watching when they are in the mood for trouble.

Watch this entertaining video: