Paddleboarder Almost Swallowed by a Whale

This paddleboarder had the surprise of a lifetime when he came just centimeters from being swallowed by a massive Humpback Whale.

The paddle-boarder was enjoying a peaceful day surfing on the water when he had a near-death experience with a hungry whale.

The Humpback was probably trying to eat fish swarming in a bait ball just below the surface.

If the surfer had been just a few inches to the right, he would surely have been completely swallowed alive by the massive cetacean. Whew! Close call…

Filmed by Eric Garcia off the coast of Santa Cruz, California, this footage is one of the most amazing instances of close-calls between surfers and whales ever documented.

Here is how cameraman Eric Garcia described the incident:

Sunday morning was anything but ordinary. A beautiful morning and glassy waters were the stage to an amazing natural spectacle. After sailing for a while, we were coming back to Santa Cruz harbor and found a large aggregation of marine life feeding on fish. Sea birds, sea lions, harbor seals, dolphins and a humpback whale were the predators. After observing the whale surfacing to breathe several times, we decided to head out.

Little did we know that we would see the whale one more time, mouth opened at the surface, barely missing a paddle boarder who was coming out of the harbor. Unbelievable! He escaped danger twice by centimeters…fortunately he is ok and we got the action on video!


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