Life and Death: Orcas Eat Humpback Whale Calf

In the eastern Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico, a group of divers aboard the Solmar V witness a rare portrayal of life and death.

It begins with the encounter of a mother humpback whale and her newborn calf, peacefully lounging in the warm Mexican waters. Undisturbed by the divers’ presence, the massive whale allows them to get very close and collect some amazing footage.

The humpbacks are surrounded by a pod of friendly dolphins portrayed against the crystal clear sea, serving as an almost fantastical setting. This is something you normally see in paintings and sculptures as opposed to real life. Yet these divers were granted the opportunity to witness this idyllic setting first-hand. However, regardless of the setting, nature is often unpredictable and can unleash fury at any moment.

The next day, two orcas show up and enforce the natural order.

The orcas grab the humpback calf and strike with brutal precision, easily destroying the young whale as the true killers they are. Then they feast upon its flesh, reminding the divers of the delicate balance of life and death beneath the depths of the sea.

While this might seem cruel and insensitive for orcas, whom are quite intelligent animals, they are merely doing what they’ve done for millions of years. After all, they need to eat and survive, too.

via Gfycat

Watch the full video of this dramatic tale of life and death below.

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