Octopus Uses a Shield and Slaps Another Octopus

An epic octopus battle caught on camera deep under the sea provides further proof that octopods are truly extraordinary creatures. The incredible footage shows an octopus using a shell as a shield, protecting itself as it slaps the other octopus.


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This is not the first time we’ve seen an octopus using shell fragments as a form of protection…

Octopus uses a shield of shells to defend itself against a shark

In the clip above, an octopus uses dozens of shells like armor to protect itself from the shark’s attack.

Octopods are fascinating creatures that have been observed using “tools” in a variety of circumstances, from carrying coconuts across the seafloor to using jellyfish arms as utensils.

Octopods have even been recorded attacking prey out of water – for example, click here to watch an octopus catch and eat a sea gull!

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