Mysterious Screams Recorded in Viral Video, Some Say It’s Bigfoot

Bigfoot silhouette – Photo: Pexels

A video recently uploaded to YouTube is causing a sensation as some crytozoologists say this is evidence of Bigfoot.

The video was recorded in a forest near Sioux Lookout in Ontario, Canada by Gino Meekis, who was out hunting grouse with his family when they heard an unusual noise.

Listen to the howls in the video here:

One viewer shared a similar experience in the comment section: “About 20 years ago a couple friends and I heard something very similar to this in Niven Bay (about 120 km southwest of Sioux Lookout, closer to Dryden/Wabigoon). It was at dusk, and very close to us. The volume was ridiculous! We could hear whatever it was stomping through the bush before it howled. It sounded big. Never saw what made the sound we were all too busy running to our boats to get back to our camp site. (49° 29’41.3” N 93° 01’29.8” W).”

Some cryptozoology enthusiasts are claiming this is proof of Bigfoot. However, Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry isn’t so sure.

“Our biologists say it could be a larger mammal–for example a wolf–but because it’s a considerable distance from the recorder there is no way to know for sure,” Jolanta Kowalski, the media relations officer for Ontario’s Ministry of Resources and Forestry said.

We’ve seen evidence of cryptid creatures proven to be less fantastical animals before, like when researchers analyzed DNA collected in the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau, supposedly from yetis. All of the so-called Yeti samples were from bears (with the exception of a tooth, which was from a dog).

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