Magical Moment: Moose Shedding Its Antlers Caught on Camera

Donna Dewhurst, Public domain
In the serene backdrop of Juniper, New Brunswick, something extraordinary unfolded – a rare event so seldom witnessed that it borders on the mythical. Woodsman Derek Burgoyne, armed with nothing but his drone and a keen sense for nature’s wonders, captured a moment that has sent ripples through the wildlife community: a bull moose in the act of shedding its antlers.

Antler shedding, while a natural and annual occurrence in the life of a moose, is a sight rarely beheld by human eyes. These magnificent beasts, known for their solitary nature, often complete this ritual in the secluded embrace of the wild. Burgoyne’s footage, therefore, presents not just a stunning visual, but a significant contribution to our understanding of these majestic creatures.

In an interview with CBC News, Burgoyne shared his awe. Having collected hundreds of shed antlers from the forest floor, the sight of a moose actively casting off its antlers left him spellbound.

The footage depicts the moose, a powerful symbol of the North American wilderness, wobbling its massive frame. As it shook, sending a cascade of snowflakes from its thick coat, the force was enough to dislodge its towering antlers. This moment, both violent and graceful, highlights the raw, untamed essence of nature.

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The phenomenon of antler shedding, while a common knowledge among wildlife enthusiasts, remains shrouded in mystery for many. Antlers, unlike horns, are not permanent fixtures on the animal’s head. They are grown, shed, and regrown annually, a cycle tied to the animal’s testosterone levels and the changing of seasons. The shedding process, which usually sees the antlers dropped one at a time, makes the simultaneous shedding captured by Burgoyne an even rarer spectacle.

Watch the full video below:

As the snow retreats, the forest floor often reveals the remnants of this cycle in the form of scattered antlers. But Burgoyne’s footage offers a vivid, dynamic glimpse into this process, a moment where nature’s relentless cycle of growth and renewal is dramatically showcased. This rare footage not only captivates wildlife enthusiasts but also serves as a poignant reminder of the endless wonders hidden in the heart of the wilderness, waiting to be discovered and cherished.